My ex-employer's family treated me well, but they were disappointed when I was pregnant

2023/04/17 Story
Sulastri, who has been working in Taiwan for the ninth year, has been employed by the same family, taking care of the daily life of the grandmother of the family.

I hope my experience can inform my fellow migrant workers in Taiwan that we can participate in the growth of our babies

2023/04/17 Story
With a nine-month pregnant belly, Indonesian migrant worker Reni took her time to teach other mothers-to-be in the SPA shelter how to change diapers and share parenting experiences with them.

Thanks to SPA Shelter for walking with me through my work injury and pregnancy anxiety

2023/04/14 Story
Huyen is from Thai Nguyen City, an important industrial city in Vietnam. She used to work in a battery factory and has extensive experience as a factory worker.

The distance across the ocean is the endless longing for the family

2023/03/31 Story
"The doctor said that my baby is gone. I'm really sad. He already has little hands and feet. I was so looking forward to the arrival of his new life." Annie wiped her tears silently.

I can't figure out why my job became like this

2023/03/24 Story
"In the beginning, it was agreed that I would take care of a-ma, but I hardly saw a-ma ( it means “grandma” in Taiwanese) in my actual work.

I can be a good mother even though I am working abroad

2023/03/13 Story
Minnie, an Indonesian lady who is always smiling warmly, will give birth in a month. With a big belly, she keeps busy after living in the SPA shelter.

I want to hold my right to be a mother even working in a foreign land

2023/03/06 Story
A lovely baby of the Vietnamese migrant worker was born in our shelter during the new year holiday! The Vietnamese mother Nguyễn Thị Mỹ welcomed her newborn baby in Taiwan.


2023/02/20 Story
Eda, 44, stage 1 bone cancer patient, has been an immigrant caretaker in Taiwan for four and a half years. Her dream is to have a home of her own.

Being injured in the blast

2023/02/09 Story
“I told the manager that the machine was overloaded, but he said it was fine. It exploded, and I was blown away by the blast.

Locking migrant workers in their dorms won’t help with reducing outbreaks

2023/02/06 Policy Analysis
Locking migrant workers in their dorms won’t help with reducing outbreaks