Thanks to the German Institute Taipei for Long-term Support of Migrant Workers' Rights

2024/07/18 Article
Serve the People Association has long provided assistance to pregnant migrant mothers and injured or ill migrant workers, while also helping to resolve labor disputes for migrant workers.

The Invisible Workforce: LGBT Migrant Factory Workers in Taiwan

2024/06/20 Article
written by Robert Owen Ganado

Afraid to Miss Mom's Last Moments, But Who Will Send Money?

2024/05/21 Story
The Serve the People Association has long shared stories of migrant mothers in shelters, yet some netizens still cannot understand why these migrant workers choose to give birth in Taiwan.

Sending Baby Home: Peace of Mind for Migrant Moms in Taiwan

2024/05/10 Story
During the Muslim fasting month, many Indonesian migrant workers take leave from factories to return home and celebrate Eid al-Fitr with their families.

Moving Tale of a Caregiver: From Stranger to Family

2024/05/03 Story
"Uncle treats my child like his own grandkid, even lets me take a break and bring my kid to their house to play with their whole family. I'm really lucky," said Rainie.

Justice may be delayed, but it will never be absent.

2023/12/20 Story
Jaga, a 41-year-old with 9 years of experience working on deep-sea fishing vessels, found himself on the Taiwanese-funded "Da Wang No.4" as his fourth ship in April 2019.

Caring for Grandma, Fighting Cancer

2023/12/16 Story
40-year-old Kana from the Philippines, with her distinctive short haircut, lively big eyes, and a sweet smile, speaks fluent Chinese: "I used to have long hair and regularly treated it with ion per

"Asus & Askey, pay us what you should pay!"

2023/10/23 Article
Askey Computer is a subsidiary and owned by Asus Computer 100%, and accusations of Askey’s violation of labor rights of migrant workers and sweatshop brands have gradually attracted widespread atte

Pregnant Migrant Worker Finds Support in Shelter Community

2023/10/15 Story
Hailing from central Vietnam, Amy, fluent in Chinese, is four months pregnant, and her baby bump is barely noticeable, making it hard to believe she's 31.

Caring for Patients While Navigating Pregnancy Challenges

2023/10/06 Article
At 31, Ah Xian came to Taiwan and has spent the past decade working in several care facilities, taking care of the elderly and people with disabilities.