News | Taiwan and India Sign Labor Cooperation Agreement to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

In order to strengthen bilateral labor cooperation, Taiwan and the Indian government have signed the "Memorandum of Understanding on Promoting Employment of Indian Workers'' after years of negotiat

News | Control Yuan Urges Executive Yuan to Address Vietnamese Migrant Smuggling Issue

Taiwan's southwest waters witnessed the discovery of 10 floating bodies last year, which, after police investigation, were determined to be foreign migrant workers who had failed in their attempt a

News | Promoting Care Toolbox App: Collaboration Between NCKU and TFLU at ASEAN Square

The Taichung City Government Labor Bureau has established the "International Migrant Care Service Center" on the 3rd floor of the ASEAN Square to cater to the needs of international migrant workers

News | Fill in the world of migrant workers with literature

Vietnamese immigrant Lo Yi-Wen, with a Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from Tsinghua University, has unexpectedly become a judicial interpreter.

News | Fatal Accident: Thai Worker Killed in Taipei Port Mishap

Today (12/6) in the early morning, a Thai migrant worker was involved in a construction accident at the North Extension Wharf Caisson Temporary Storage Area in Taipei Port.

News | Latest Investigation: 1 in 6 Female Migrant Workers Has Experienced Gender-Based Violence

To understand the situation of gender-based violence against female migrant workers in Taiwan, the Taoyuan City Serve the People Association, with funding from the German Institute Taipei, initiate

News | Migrant Workers March: Government takes responsibility, intermediaries get lost!

Shouting "Government takes responsibility, intermediaries get lost!" Migrant Empowerment Network in Taiwan (MENT) organized its biennial migrant worker parade on December 10th at 1 p.m.

News | Traces of Transition: 30 Years of 'Migrant Workers'/20 Years of MENT International Conference

Migrants Empowerment Network in Taiwan (MENT) organized the "Traces of Transition: 30 Years of 'Migrant Workers'/20 Years of MENT International Conference," a two-day event that kicked off today (1

News | Taiwan National Human Rights Commission Aims to Eradicate Discrimination Against Indian Workers

The Chairperson of Taiwan National Human Rights Commission, Chen Chu, stated today (12/7) that recent misinformation has led to misunderstandings and discriminatory language against Indian migrant

News | Forum on the Gender-Based Violence and Reproductive Rights of the Women Migrant Workers in Taiwan

For a long time, the women migrant workers have been suffered from the gender-based violence, and the reproductive rights have not been properly protected.

News | Supervisory Committee Investigates Police Enforcement Controversy in Church

Today(11/30), Commissioners Ji Huirong and Tian Qiujin expressed concerns over a news report claiming that in May, when the New Taipei police were apprehending missing migrant workers, they entered

News | 【Press Release】Exposing Intermediary Tactics: Migrant Workers and Employers Speak Out

After migrant workers expressed their demands through Halloween costumes, calling for the government to take responsibility for employment and abolish the private intermediary system, the Ministry

News | Debt Bondage in Space, and Taiwan

Sky-high recruitment fees and debts for migrant workers lurk behind the Taiwanese firms supplying multinational satellite, electronic, and car companies.

News | Migrant Caregivers: Harassment, Struggles, and Employer Changes

Foreign caregivers, often working in isolated environments within employers' homes, face a higher risk of harassment and assault due to a lack of privacy.

News | 🇫🇷 🇹🇼 Join Us at the France-Taiwan Seminar! 2023 Leading the way to reduce the risk of forced labour. 🤝

We're excited to announce the upcoming event, "Leading the Way to Reduce the Risk of Forced Labor," jointly organized by the French Office in Taipei and the Ministry of Labor in Taiwan.

News | Tragic Accident: Excavator Fatality in New Taipei City

A workplace accident occurred in Wugu District, New Taipei City, recently. In a furniture factory on Minyi Road, Section 1, the owner was operating an excavator to sort construction materials.

News | Taiwan's Migrant Workers Demand Abolition of Brokers and Fair Employment Rights

Over 700,000 migrant workers in Taiwan have to pay intermediary service fees every month.