News | Rejecting Secret Talks: Call for Transparency in Taiwan-US Trade

Statement from CCMTUSTI21C on the Need for Transparency in Taiwan-US Trade Negotiations

News | Taiwan Workers March for Change: Demanding Labor Law Reforms

On May Day 2024, Taiwan saw a massive labor march, with nearly 4000 workers taking to the streets from Ketagalan Boulevard, chanting "No Honeymoon for Continuous Governance, Parliament Must Reform

News | Human Rights Groups Call for MOU Review, Advocate for Direct Hiring Between Countries

The government's plan to bring in Indian migrant workers, which was signed in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with India in February, has completed legislative review and was sent to the Legisl

News | Vietnamese Worker Falls from 21st Floor, Dies After Hospitalization

A Vietnamese migrant worker fell from the 21st floor of a construction site on Wuguwang North Street, Sanchong District, New Taipei City, this morning, and suffered fatal injuries upon impact with

News | **Press Release** India's Blue-collar Workers Still Not Admitted, Kenyan White-collar Workers Suffering in Modern Slavery!

Ministry of Labor Turns Blind Eye, Who's Complicit in Forced Labor, Central or Local Authorities? Serve the People Association

News | Risks and difficulties faced by migrant workers in child care

What challenges do migrant workers face in childcare? Are their children at a higher risk of abuse than Taiwanese kids?

News | Ministry to Protect Rights of Pregnant Migrant Workers

Recently in Taipei, there have been two major cases reported involving child protection issues. It's been said that both cases involve children of missing migrant workers.

News | Meeting over MOU on migrant fishers' rights ends in stalemate

Taipei, March 1 (CNA) A meeting between Indonesian union leaders and Taiwanese authorities in Taipei on Friday over the signing of a proposed memorandum of understanding (MOU) to improve the rights

News | Taiwan-Indonesia Fisheries Workers' Rights Memo Discussion Takes Place

Taiwan's Foreign Fishermen Representatives and their Indonesian counterparts will meet with officials from the Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Labor, and the Indonesian Representative Office in Taipe

News | Rising Migrant Workers in Taiwan: Challenges Ahead

The number of domestic migrant workers in Taiwan has reached a new peak, with the Ministry of Labor reporting a total of 753,430 workers as of the end of 2023.

News | Taiwan and India Sign Labor Cooperation Agreement to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

In order to strengthen bilateral labor cooperation, Taiwan and the Indian government have signed the "Memorandum of Understanding on Promoting Employment of Indian Workers'' after years of negotiat

News | Control Yuan Urges Executive Yuan to Address Vietnamese Migrant Smuggling Issue

Taiwan's southwest waters witnessed the discovery of 10 floating bodies last year, which, after police investigation, were determined to be foreign migrant workers who had failed in their attempt a

News | Promoting Care Toolbox App: Collaboration Between NCKU and TFLU at ASEAN Square

The Taichung City Government Labor Bureau has established the "International Migrant Care Service Center" on the 3rd floor of the ASEAN Square to cater to the needs of international migrant workers

News | Fill in the world of migrant workers with literature

Vietnamese immigrant Lo Yi-Wen, with a Ph.D. in Chinese Literature from Tsinghua University, has unexpectedly become a judicial interpreter.

News | Fatal Accident: Thai Worker Killed in Taipei Port Mishap

Today (12/6) in the early morning, a Thai migrant worker was involved in a construction accident at the North Extension Wharf Caisson Temporary Storage Area in Taipei Port.

News | Latest Investigation: 1 in 6 Female Migrant Workers Has Experienced Gender-Based Violence

To understand the situation of gender-based violence against female migrant workers in Taiwan, the Taoyuan City Serve the People Association, with funding from the German Institute Taipei, initiate