Justice may be delayed, but it will never be absent.

2023/12/20 Story
Jaga, a 41-year-old with 9 years of experience working on deep-sea fishing vessels, found himself on the Taiwanese-funded "Da Wang No.4" as his fourth ship in April 2019.

Caring for Grandma, Fighting Cancer

2023/12/16 Story
40-year-old Kana from the Philippines, with her distinctive short haircut, lively big eyes, and a sweet smile, speaks fluent Chinese: "I used to have long hair and regularly treated it with ion per

Pregnant Migrant Worker Finds Support in Shelter Community

2023/10/15 Story
Hailing from central Vietnam, Amy, fluent in Chinese, is four months pregnant, and her baby bump is barely noticeable, making it hard to believe she's 31.

"As my children's only support, I must not fall down"

2023/06/29 Story
"I video chat with my children every day. They are still studying. What they only know is that Mommy lost all her hair because of sickness.

"I will recover in this big family of the shelter "

2023/06/29 Story
This is the second time that Lier has been admitted to the shelter of the Serve the People Association.

Let’s assist them to protect their loved and happiness

2023/05/19 Story

“I will return to wherever closer to home”

2023/05/19 Story

I lost a hand in Taiwan when I only came here to work

2023/05/04 Story

My ex-employer's family treated me well, but they were disappointed when I was pregnant

2023/04/17 Story
Sulastri, who has been working in Taiwan for the ninth year, has been employed by the same family, taking care of the daily life of the grandmother of the family.

I hope my experience can inform my fellow migrant workers in Taiwan that we can participate in the growth of our babies

2023/04/17 Story
With a nine-month pregnant belly, Indonesian migrant worker Reni took her time to teach other mothers-to-be in the SPA shelter how to change diapers and share parenting experiences with them.