News | Fire at food factory kills four Filipino migrant workers

A serious fire broke out at the Changhua Beidou factory of Lianhwa Foods Company in the early morning, killing 7 employees.

News | Two youths improvised to rob female migrant workers with arms

On February 5, 2023, a bandit case occurred in Guanyin District, Taoyuan City in which Taiwanese youths robbed Vietnamese female migrant workers.

News | Taiwanese loan sharks target migrant workers to lend usury, exploit and threaten them

A Taiwanese man surnamed Li in Taoyuan City operated an underground bank, violently collected debts, and targeted migrant workers for usury and forced signing of promissory notes.

News | Taiwanese rogues killed a migrant worker deliberately

In Pingtung County, a 31-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker surnamed Fan was deliberately beaten to death by Taiwanese rogues.

News | A Taiwanese scam syndicate specializing in robbing migrants

At the end of 2022, a robbery scam syndicate was busted by police.

News | A police officer violated the human rights of a migrant worker in illegal law enforcement

Last August, a police officer abused his power to violate the human rights of a migrant worker in New Taipei City.

News | Migrant workers lost their limbs in preventable occupational disasters

On December 28th of 2022, in Kaohsiung, Renwu District, a migrant worker was seriously injured in a building material company. He worked there as a machine operator.

News | Migrant fisherman died from delayed hospitalization

On July 23rd of 2022, an Indonesian migrant worker died while he was working on Jin Rui Fu No. 6, a fishing boat from Su'ao Township Yilan County.

News | Filipino female caregiver’s sexual harassment trial result disappointing

Filipino female caregiver’s sexual harassment trial reversed and affirmed with a disappointing result.

News | Permanent residency Program for Migrant Workers, caregivers

The Executive Yuan approves permanent residency program for migrant workers, caregivers, and foreign graduates

News | 11 Migrant workers killed in fire over 2 years

Activist groups call for housing outside of factories.

News | Migrant workers in Taiwan rally for freedom to transfer to new employers

It is a fundamental labor right that allows workers to avoid “forced labor”