News | Forum on the Gender-Based Violence and Reproductive Rights of the Women Migrant Workers in Taiwan

For a long time, the women migrant workers have been suffered from the gender-based violence, and the reproductive rights have not been properly protected.

News | Supervisory Committee Investigates Police Enforcement Controversy in Church

Today(11/30), Commissioners Ji Huirong and Tian Qiujin expressed concerns over a news report claiming that in May, when the New Taipei police were apprehending missing migrant workers, they entered

News | 【Press Release】Exposing Intermediary Tactics: Migrant Workers and Employers Speak Out

After migrant workers expressed their demands through Halloween costumes, calling for the government to take responsibility for employment and abolish the private intermediary system, the Ministry

News | Debt Bondage in Space, and Taiwan

Sky-high recruitment fees and debts for migrant workers lurk behind the Taiwanese firms supplying multinational satellite, electronic, and car companies.

News | Migrant Caregivers: Harassment, Struggles, and Employer Changes

Foreign caregivers, often working in isolated environments within employers' homes, face a higher risk of harassment and assault due to a lack of privacy.

News | 🇫🇷 🇹🇼 Join Us at the France-Taiwan Seminar! 2023 Leading the way to reduce the risk of forced labour. 🤝

We're excited to announce the upcoming event, "Leading the Way to Reduce the Risk of Forced Labor," jointly organized by the French Office in Taipei and the Ministry of Labor in Taiwan.

News | Tragic Accident: Excavator Fatality in New Taipei City

A workplace accident occurred in Wugu District, New Taipei City, recently. In a furniture factory on Minyi Road, Section 1, the owner was operating an excavator to sort construction materials.

News | Taiwan's Migrant Workers Demand Abolition of Brokers and Fair Employment Rights

Over 700,000 migrant workers in Taiwan have to pay intermediary service fees every month.

News | Nearly 3,000 Sign Petition for Foreign Fishermen's Internet Rights

The Taiwanese series "Port of Lies," which tackles issues like migrant workers, interpreters, and the death penalty debate, has been making waves since its summer debut this year.

News | Documentary 'And Miles to Go Before I Sleep': Uncovering Tragedy

"Best Documentary 'And Miles to Go Before I Sleep' Premieres at Golden Horse Awards: Director Explores Tragedy Behind the Scenes"

News | Tragic Accident Claims Life of Vietnamese Worker

A 26-year-old Vietnamese worker named Wu, who came to Taiwan with his wife to work last year, had an unexpected accident the day before yesterday at a meat processing factory in Dalin Township, Chi

News | Vietnamese Worker Injured While Repairing Equipment

Last night, a Vietnamese worker named Nguyen accidentally got his right index and middle fingers caught and injured by the machine's rollers while doing equipment maintenance.

News | Four Fingers of Thai Migrant Worker Severed by Machinery

A 44-year-old Thai migrant worker had his right hand caught and fingers severed by machinery during operation.

News | Jubah Hitam:Shattering Stereotypes of Migrant Workers with Heavy Metal Music.

In recent years, Taiwan's metal music scene has seen a group of unique faces - metal fans who are Indonesian migrant workers.

News | A migrant worker died at a construction site with poor security measures

In Beitun District, Taichung City, a Vietnamese migrant worker died in an industrial safety incident in a large-scale construction project.

News | Fire at food factory kills four Filipino migrant workers

A serious fire broke out at the Changhua Beidou factory of Lianhwa Foods Company in the early morning, killing 7 employees.

News | Two youths improvised to rob female migrant workers with arms

On February 5, 2023, a bandit case occurred in Guanyin District, Taoyuan City in which Taiwanese youths robbed Vietnamese female migrant workers.

News | Taiwanese loan sharks target migrant workers to lend usury, exploit and threaten them

A Taiwanese man surnamed Li in Taoyuan City operated an underground bank, violently collected debts, and targeted migrant workers for usury and forced signing of promissory notes.