Askey Computer Corporation and Labor Union Reach Agreement!


Asus Computer's subsidiary, Askey Computer Corporation (hereafter referred to as Askey), recently faced allegations of mistreatment of migrant workers. The enterprise engaged in mediation with the labor union representing both Askey and Asus Computer Corporation's affiliated enterprises, initially facing difficulties reaching an agreement. However, on November 30, Askey and the union issued a joint statement announcing the successful resolution of their differences through multiple rounds of communication and negotiation.

According to the joint statement, both Askey and the union share a common pursuit of corporate social responsibility and are committed to enhancing the well-being of migrant workers. After extensive communication and negotiation, they have reached a consensus and formally signed an agreement. Both parties acknowledge the importance of ensuring that migrant workers have a safe, dignified, and respectful working environment, adhering to high standards of business ethics. As part of this commitment, Askey pledges to invest millions of dollars to ensure that its employees enjoy better working conditions and fair treatment. Furthermore, Askey commits to following the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) standards, emphasizing their dedication to human rights, environmental sustainability, and ethical practices.

The joint statement emphasizes that this agreement marks not only the beginning of collaboration between the two parties but also a significant step in their joint commitment to corporate social responsibility. They express special gratitude to the Ministry of Labor's Labor Relations Division for its support and facilitation during the coordination process.

Askey looks forward to working hand in hand with the union to create an improved and more welfare-oriented working environment. Their shared goal is to establish a human-centric corporate values system, embodying the principles of sustainable development.

〔Radio Taiwan International/ Report from Reporter Chen Nianyi〕2023-12-01 21:59

〔photo from Askey Computer Corporation 〕