Promoting Care Toolbox App: Collaboration Between NCKU and TFLU at ASEAN Square


The Taichung City Government Labor Bureau has established the "International Migrant Care Service Center" on the 3rd floor of the ASEAN Square to cater to the needs of international migrant workers. The center is operated in collaboration with the Taiwan Federation of Labor Union(TFLU), providing consultation services. ASEAN Square, located adjacent to the Taichung Train Station, has the highest density of Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan, making it a central hub for migrant activities. In response to this, a multidisciplinary team led by Professor Qiu Jing-Ru from the National Cheng Kung University's Institute of Gerontology, with support from the National Science and Technology Council, has developed an app aimed at assisting foreign caregivers in their caregiving duties.

The app promotion event, held on January 28th, was facilitated by volunteers from the Taiwan Federation of Labor Union. The research team, comprised of assistants fluent in both Taiwanese and Indonesian languages, warmly explained and assisted foreign caregivers in downloading the app on-site. The promotion garnered enthusiastic participation from migrant workers, creating a heartwarming atmosphere. The goal is to provide foreign caregivers in Taiwan with a tool that meets their needs, including language translation, accurate health care information, caregiving techniques, and relevant legal information.

The event saw many migrant workers downloading the app and sharing it with their fellow countrymen and friends, enhancing the effectiveness of the Taichung City Government Labor Bureau's consultation services for foreign workers in ASEAN Square.

For many years, the Taiwan Federation of Labor Union has been entrusted by the Taichung City Government Labor Bureau to carry out migrant consultation services in ASEAN Square. The organizers express gratitude to the dedicated assistance provided by the ASEAN Volunteer Team affiliated with the labor union. The volunteer team's executive director, Jiang Chun-Se, mentioned their commitment to promoting the app in ASEAN Square for an extended period, believing it will be of significant assistance to Indonesian caregivers.

If families employing Indonesian caregivers are interested in the app, they are encouraged to download and utilize it.



〔Newtalk / Reporter Tang Funian (唐復年) reported from Taichung City〕2024-01-29 19:02

〔photo from the Taiwan Federation of Labor Union〕