Tainan Police Arrest Missing Migrant Worker, Angrily Kick Him 5 Times


Last night at around 10 PM in Tainan, a missing Vietnamese migrant worker, who refused to stop for a police check, accelerated, crashed, and then fled. One of the police officers, seemingly unable to contain his anger, kicked the non-resisting worker five times. This inappropriate law enforcement behavior was recorded by a bystander and posted online.

The Yongkang Precinct stated that near 11 PM last night, officers from the Daqiao Police Station of Yongkang Precinct were patrolling when they noticed a small car with broken headlights. They approached to stop the driver, who, appearing nervous, accelerated away, crashed, and fled on foot. The police apprehended the driver within five minutes and discovered that he was a missing Vietnamese migrant worker.

However, one officer, angry that the migrant worker had refused to stop, accelerated away, crashed, and fled, kicked the worker, who had obediently crouched down, five times. This action was clearly visible and recorded by a passing bystander, who posted the video online, sparking public discussion.

The Yongkang Precinct responded by stating that an administrative investigation into the inappropriate behavior during the officers' duties has been initiated. If any misconduct is confirmed, the responsible personnel will be held accountable, and police training will be strengthened. The Vietnamese migrant worker has been transferred to the Tainan Specialized Operation Brigade of the National Immigration Agency for processing, in accordance with immigration laws.

〔UDN / Reporter Wan Yuzhen / Tainan Instant Report〕2024-05-13 14:22

〔photo by people / Image collected by reporter Wan Yuzhen 〕