Supervisory Committee Investigates Police Enforcement Controversy in Church


Today(11/30), Commissioners Ji Huirong and Tian Qiujin expressed concerns over a news report claiming that in May, when the New Taipei police were apprehending missing migrant workers, they entered the Sacred Heart Of Jesus Catholic Church without permission, causing discomfort to the attendees. This incident involves issues of religious freedom and the boundaries of law enforcement. The two commissioners have applied for an investigation.

Ji Huirong and Tian Qiujin stated in a press release that, according to reports, on May 28th, officers from the Shulin Police Station of the New Taipei City Government entered the Sacred Heart Of Jesus Catholic Church without consent while a mass was ongoing, as part of their duties to apprehend missing migrant workers. The police, however, explained that they only intercepted missing migrant workers on the stairs of the church and did not enter the mass venue.


Given that this incident occurred within a church, causing panic and unease among the attendees, and involves issues of religious freedom and the limits of police enforcement, they have applied for an automatic investigation.

The commissioners pointed out that the investigation will look into the details of the officers' actions on that day, whether the law enforcement process adhered to relevant regulations on police duties and religious laws, and whether there are areas for improvement. The investigation will also clarify the boundaries and procedures for law enforcement involving places of religious worship in the future.

〔CNA NEWS / Report from reporter Lai Yu-zhen〕2023-11-30 10:54:33

〔photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang /Inspectorate website 〕