Tragic Accident Claims Life of Vietnamese Worker


A 26-year-old Vietnamese worker named Wu, who came to Taiwan with his wife to work last year, had an unexpected accident the day before yesterday at a meat processing factory in Dalin Township, Chiayi County. Wu was reportedly trying to shut down the power supply of a forklift on a slope, but the forklift moved downward and pushed him, causing serious injuries. He was taken to the hospital but unfortunately couldn't be saved. The Chiayi County Government's Labor and Youth Development Department mentioned that they're working quickly to assist in obtaining condolence payments and occupational accident compensation for the family, providing practical help.

According to authorities, after reviewing surveillance footage, they found that a worker parked a forklift on a slope inside the factory, pulled the handbrake, and didn't turn off the engine before getting out to move cargo. When Wu saw that the forklift was still running, he seemingly tried to get in and turn off the power. However, the forklift suddenly started moving downhill. Wu jumped off in an attempt to stop it from going further, but tragically, he got caught between the forklift and a steel pillar of the building.

The Chiayi County Fire Department stated that there was a traumatic accident at a meat processing factory in Dali Township the day before yesterday around 9 AM. A male worker was injured and fell to the ground. He remained conscious and responsive to sounds. He was rushed to Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital for emergency treatment, but unfortunately, he was pronounced dead a little after 11 AM the same day. Police and forensic experts conducted an examination yesterday and determined the cause of death to be bilateral lung contusions with air and blood in the chest, along with liver lacerations and intra-abdominal bleeding.


The Chiayi County Government's Labor and Youth Development Department stated that the Vietnamese couple involved in the occupational accident came to Taiwan from rural Vietnam last year to work, hoping to earn more money for a better life for their family. Sadly, the accident took the life of Mr. Wu, leaving the couple separated forever. The department is working quickly to assist the deceased worker's family in applying for condolence payments and occupational accident compensation from the Ministry of Labor, providing tangible help to the family in need.

〔 / Chiayi Instant Report from Huang Yu-Fan (黃于凡) 〕2023-08-21 18:17

〔Photo by Reporter Huang Yu-Fan (黃于凡)〕2023-08-21 18:17

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