Fire at food factory kills four Filipino migrant workers


A serious fire broke out at the Changhua Beidou factory of Lianhwa Foods Company in the early morning, killing 7 employees. Among them are 3 migrant workers, who have been confirmed dead, are young Filipinos, Nancy (female, between 20 and 30 years old), Miranda (female, 29 years old), and Nado (male, 30 years old). They came to Taiwan with their friends, and have very good feelings for each other. However, now the evil fire accident separated them forever. Some of them have worked in Taiwan for more than 10 years, and planned to fly back to their hometown in October this year, but unexpectedly encountered this fatal disaster and died in a foreign land.

Many of their co-workers from their hometown rushed to the hospital anxiously to care about the rescue situation, but they didn't even have time to see their friends for the last time. After receiving the terrible news, they told the deceased's parents in the Philippines and wept bitterly on the other end of the phone. Many of their colleagues from the same hometown rushed to the hospital anxiously after receiving the news to care about the rescue situation, but they didn't even have time to see their friends for the last time. After finally receiving the bad news, they told the victims' parents who are in the Philippines, and wept bitterly with them.

In addition, Lika, a 40-year-old Filipino female worker, was caught in this accident on her first day at work in Taiwan. Before she was sent toYuanlin Christian Hospital, she had OHCA, which means Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. After 50 minutes of CPR and 4 electric shocks, she was fitted with ECMO (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation) for emergency treatment and was transferred to Changhua Christian Hospital for emergency treatment. Doctors there pointed out that since she had just gotten off the plane the day before and traveled across the ocean from her hometown to Taiwan alone, and worked on her first day(4/24), the Lianhwa Foods Company hadn't helped her get health insurance.

She was in emergency treatment at the hospital before she even had time to apply for a residence permit, lying in the intensive care unit and almost dying. The director of the hospital contacted the Ministry of Health and Welfare to explain her health insurance issues and asked the National Health Insurance Administration for assistance in retroactively adding insurance for her. Unfortunately, Lika's brain had been seriously damaged due to hypoxia, which caused multiple organ failures. After more than 2 days of rescue, she was still declared dead.

The migrant worker has been working in Taiwan for more than 10 years and was expected to fly back to his hometown in October this year, but unexpectedly encountered this and died in a foreign land. A migrant worker agent who was rushed to the hospital said that Lianhwa Foods is a well-known large factory in Taiwan, and many migrant workers come to work together with fellow villagers, and many of them come back again. When the fire broke out, the victims were suspected to have taken refuge in the large refrigerator on the 4th floor of the factory, but they were choked to death by the thick smoke that rushed in, and they lost all signs of life when they were rescued. The doctors stated that the deceased were all fatal due to excessive smoke inhalation.

On the afternoon of the day when the fire broke out, prosecutors entered the factory and investigated with the factory director and related personnel. After the hearing on April 29, Changhua District Prosecutors Office determined that the section manager surnamed Zheng and the fire prevention manager surnamed Cai were involved in the negligent death of Article 276 of the Criminal Law. The suspect was ordered to pay 300,000 yuan in bail, and the fire department also notified the factory personnel to take notes and collect evidence, so that the fire investigation report must be completed by the 25th at the latest.


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