Two youths improvised to rob female migrant workers with arms


On February 5, 2023, a bandit case occurred in Guanyin District, Taoyuan City in which Taiwanese youths robbed Vietnamese female migrant workers. That evening, two young men on a scooter met a Vietnamese female migrant worker on her scooter alone. On a whim, they tricked her off her scooter, threatened her with a watermelon knife and a stick, and robbed her of 3,000 NTD in cash. The police followed the route and arrested them within 5 hours. After questioning, they were charged with Aggravated Offenses of Robbery.

According to the police investigation, a 20-year-old man surnamed Xu and an 18-year-old man with the same surname Xu shared a scooter on a road in Guanyin District at about 7:00 pm when they saw a 36 -year-old Vietnamese migrant worker surnamed Guo riding alone. They approached her and lied to her, claiming that they saw something fall on the road while she was riding, so as to lure her to stop and look for it. Guo believed the two young men, thinking that she had lost something, and they came to remind them of good intentions. Therefore, she moved her scooter to the side of the road and parked it without suspicion, and got out to look for it.

 (The watermelon knife and the stick that the two suspects used. )

After getting down from the scooter, the two took advantage of the number of people to attack her, took out a watermelon knife and stick, threatened her, pushed her to the ground, and used violence to force her to hand over her belongings. panic and fear, Guo had no choice but to hand over the NT$3,000 cash she had. That may even have been a substantial portion of her meager factory worker salary. After stealing NT$3,000 from Guo, the two of them got in their car and fled quickly, leaving Guo alone in fear. The poor victim Guo, still terrified, called the police immediately.段 After receiving the report, the police checked the surveillance cameras and found that the scooter involved in the case of Xu and the two fled all the way, covering Zhongli District, Taoyuan District of Taoyuan City, and the neighboring Yingge District of New Taipei City. They did not return until midnight to the Guanyin District of Taoyuan City again. In the end, the police successfully stopped and arrested two suspects at the intersection in the area.

 (Xu identified the sticks they had discarded by the roadside during their escape. )

After being surrounded by the police, the two men knew that they had nowhere to escape, so they had no choice but confessed to the crime and argued that it was a temporary act. At the request of the police, they identified the watermelon knives and sticks they had discarded by the roadside during their escape. After the investigation of the whole case, they were charged with Aggravated Offenses of Robbery and transferred to the Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office for investigation.

2023-02-06 16:45 UDN / Reporter 楊湛華 / Taoyuan